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Pakistan Mega Leather Show 2017

Pakistan Mega Leather Show

The leather industry of Pakistan is the second biggest export-oriented industry in the manufacturing sector and is third in its contribution towards the overall exports of Pakistan.

The leather industry’s core products in Pakistan are leather garments, gloves, tanned leather and footwear. Four influential Associations covering footwear, leather goods, tanneries, gloves and leather garments, have joined their efforts to form an umbrella mega event entitled “The Pakistan Mega Leather Show”. The Pakistan Mega Leather Show 2015 promises to be the biggest exhibition of leather based products to date. Given the sheer scale of this one of a kind show, and its potential implication upon businesses and upon the industry, there will also be maximum participation from the Government sector and from those responsible for policy making. Government bodies such as the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industries, and the Lahore International Expo Centre are providing unprecedented support for this fair, that will undoubtedly depict the Pakistani footwear and leather market to international arenas.

Aims & Objective

Every year leather sector associations of Pakistan namely Pakistan Tanners’ Association, Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association, Pakistan Leather Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association and Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers & Exporters Association jointly organize a mega event under the auspices of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan.

To enjoy the benefits of a panoramic display of leather, footwear, leather products and display of wide range of chemicals, raw materials, machines, accessories and supplies, a large number of foreign buyers, international business journalists and visitors reach Lahore to visit the biggest show of leather sector of Pakistan. Organizers of PMLS used to ensure the presence of various prominent federal and provincial dignitaries to endorse the show.

The multi-dimensional objectives of the Pakistan Mega Leather Show are:

  • To portray and improve the positive image of Pakistan to the World.
  • To motivate the leather business entrepreneurs for business growth.
  • To attract international customers towards the tremendous potentials that exists in the leather sector of Pakistan.
  • To educate our industry about new development in accessories, footwear components, and chemicals.
  • To create awareness about positive initiatives taken by our competing countries.